Want to go on a road trip?

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What is the Road Trip Challenge?

It's kind of like a scavenger hunt, it's kind of like a road rally, it's kind of a lot of fun. It's a road trip where the destinations are already picked out for you, you just have to figure out which ones to visit.

How exactly does that work?

The full rules are listed below, but here's the simple version: You and a friend will come to Fast Lane Oil Change in Sturgis. From there, you'll go on a road trip to any number of destinations that we've hand-picked. Some of these will be worth more points than others; you and your navigator will have ten minutes to figure out where to go to get the most points. There's a four-hour time limit to get back to Fast Lane in Sturgis; go out and get as many points as you can, get back to Fast Lane, most points wins.

What can I drive in the event?

We don't care! Car, truck, motorcycle, one-off kit car you built in your shed; as long as it's legal and at least looks safe, go for it.

What's it worth to me?

What am I waiting for?

The next time we do this! See above for information on our next event.

Official Rules

  1. The Event Organizer’s decision in all cases is final.
  2. Remember, this is NOT a race. Stay within posted speed limits, and drive in a safe and controlled manner at all times.
  3. The Event Organizer explicitly reserves the right to disqualify any Team which flagrantly disobeys traffic rules. It’s one thing to push the four-hour limit, and that’s fine. That said, if we can take one look at your route and know that there’s no way you managed to do that in four hours without going way too fast, you’re out. Seriously, don’t be stupid.
  4. Team Composition:
    1. A Team consists of a driver, an optional navigator, and the vehicle they drive. Additional passengers are allowed.
    2. The driver must be at least sixteen years of age and possess a full, unrestricted driver’s license from their state or province of residence.
    3. Navigators are highly recommended, but not required. There is no age limit for navigators.
    4. If no navigator is used, some form of hands-free navigation must be used. No Mapping and driving, kids.
    5. Any street-legal vehicle with valid registration and insurance is allowed. This includes motorcycles, kit-assembled vehicles, and electric vehicles.
    6. No extra time to add energy (whether via refuelling or charging) will be given, so plan accordingly.
  5. Teams must check in before the drivers’ meeting and receive a marker to be eligible to compete.
  6. The drivers’ meeting starts thirty minutes before the departure time of the first Team. At least one Team Member, but preferably all, must attend.
  7. Departure Procedure:
    1. Teams will stage their vehicles in the designated area to be released in two-minute intervals at the top of the minute.
    2. Ten minutes prior to the Team’s scheduled departure, the Team will be given a list of destinations and point values. This time period may be used for the Team to plan their route.
    3. The Starter will announce one minute before the Team departs, then thirty seconds, then ten seconds, then will count down from five seconds.
    4. Time begins the second the Starter releases the vehicle.
  8. En Route Procedure:
    1. The Team will have four hours from the time of departure to collect as many points as possible and return to the departure location within the time limit.
    2. The Team may elect to continue planning their route once time begins, but no extra time will be given.
    3. The Team will drive to whichever destination(s) it chooses, take a picture of the marker in the proper location, and mark that destination off on their sheet. Improperly taken pictures WILL NOT COUNT, so be sure you’re in the right spot.
    4. There will be a fifty-nine second grace period on the time limit (e.g. if your departure time is 10:00:00 AM, you have until 2:00:59 PM to get back).
    5. The Team will be penalized five points for each minute they take past the four-hour time limit. Partial minutes will be counted in their entirety (continuing the previous example, 2:00:59 is okay, 2:01:00 is a five-point penalty).
  9. Return Procedure:
    1. Upon return to the departure location, a Team Member will hand the completed destination sheet to the Event Organizer.
    2. To avoid ambiguity, time ends at the second a Team Member either hands the completed destination sheet to the Event Organizer or places it on the table in front of them.
    3. The Event Organizer will verify the Team’s pictures and tally point totals.
    4. The Team with the most points after any penalties are applied wins.
    5. In the event of a tie, the Team with the shortest elapsed time will win.
    6. If both Teams’ elapsed times are equal, both Teams will split any prizes.
  10. Remember again, this is NOT a race. Be responsible so that we can all do this again sometime. If in doubt, refer to Rule 3.